Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back From California

Yesterday I returned from what felt like a rather long week in Los angeles. I spent most of the week in the gallery working on a installation titled 'Ye Olde Oaktown'.
I did have a few days to stretch my legs and have a stroll around the weirdness of L.A.
I took a few photographs and they can be seen on my Ahoy Land Ahoy blog.
The best part of the trip was just being at the gallery and hanging out with the other artists and gallery staff who were rad. Thanks to french for bringing together a fantastic group of artists.


Matt C said...

love those houses marcus!
great work

James Kamo said...

you're legit dude! keep up the good work. all about the transition between CA and London

yudi yudoyoko said...

wow! love it!!


jangojim said...

wooow, the first image blows my mind!!

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