Friday, September 27, 2013

Lakeland Retreat

I recently returned from a five day trip in the Lake District on a artist's retreat at Low Parkamoor near the Grizedale forest.

The retreat was part of Nicolas Burrows 'Natives' Project.

The idea was to take artists of different disciplines (illustrators, fine artists, applied artists, writers, musicians, film-makers) who display an interest in and would benefit from site-specific engagement with the natural landscape.

 Other artists on the trip were: Sister Arrow, William Edmonds and Supermundane

The days were spent walking, working, singing, talking and cooking, we quickly got into the rhythm of a house with no running water and electricity.

 I particularly enjoyed chopping wood and starting the fire for the Georgian range.

One night I chatted to a owl somewhere out in the dark.

I tried to replicate the the call of the owl and the owl answered back a few times.