Wednesday, May 31, 2006


This illustration of a cyclops is to a accompany a manifesto by Billy Childish in the new issue of The Idler.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Recent Paintings

Bicycles are great

Yesterday I picked my bike up from being fixed, I'm glad to have my trusty fold-up bike back and ride around the streets of london. anyway I think bicyles are great.

The Illustrated Ape Magazine

With Marcus Walters from New Future Graphic I have been working on the special 1976 issuse of The Illustrated Ape Magazine, I think its going to be a fun issue. This is a drawing of Burt Reynolds which is going to be part of a 1976 fashion article.

Amelias Magazine

This rather bright illustration is for the new issue of Amelias Magazine.

Blank Tape Spillage Fete

The Blank Tape Spillage Fete is a music/art project by Mat Fowler and Matt Hunt, this image is from the new book about the project. Mat and Matt sent out cassettes to musicians and artists and asked them to make some music and then make artwork related to the music that was created.


I have been working for Howies a few years now, they are fun company to work with, so then here is a t-shirt and fabric print I have done for there summer 2006 collection.