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Chopping Boards

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I recently contributed in a Mail Art exhbition of international artists at the Art Park curated by the busy busy Joseph Allen Shea.

A traveling exhibition of artwork that not only arrived through the postal service but is post.

 Art Park Gallery 5/11 Banksia Drive, Byron Bay. Australia.

Mail art, widely agreed to have officially begun with Ray Johnson in the 1960’s, and famously practiced by the Fluxus artists, can be dated back to when Cleopatra had herself delivered to Julius Caesar in a rolled-up carpet. Transitions continues this tradition by creating an exhibition that goes on the road.

Celebrating tactile correspondence and continuing the tradition of mail art Transitions is an exhibition that uses the international postal system as process, medium and also exhibition space as unwrapped work is experienced in transit by postal workers in various mail centres the world over.

Aaron Rose / Alessandro Simonetti / Alexis Ross / Andy Jenkins / Ben Barretto / Ben Brown / Benjamin Deberdt / Bianca Chang / Cali Dewitt / Chris Hopkins / Chrissie Abbott / Cody Hudson /  Craig Allsop / C.R. Stecyk / Darcel Disappoints / Deanna Templeton / Derek Henderson / Dmote /  Douglas Lance Gibson / Ed Templeton / Emi Ueoka / Fraser Anderson / Fred Mortagne / French Garry Trinh / He She It They I Ill studio / Imogene Barron / Jacob Ring / Jeff Canham / Junk Magazine / Karl Maier / Lee Ralph / Lyndsay Noyes / Martin Baptist / Michael Leon / Mike O’Meally / Misha Hollenbach / Morgan Maassen / Marcus Oakley / Nadia Hernandez / Rafael Rios / Rangi Ormond / Rene Vaile / Rhys Lee / Richard Gilligan / Linus Bill + Adrien Horni / Jérémie Egry + Aurélien Arbet Rob Abeyta Jr / Russell Maurice / Rusty Long / Ryan Heywood / Sandow Birk / Sarah Soquel Morhaim / Sean Barton / Seems / Shaniqwa Jarvis / Small Time Books / Sonia Rentsch / Soy Panday Stefan Marx / Tania Rihi Riki / Thomas Stavnes /Tim Head / Todd Jordan / Trent Evans / Tuukka Kaila / Urs Lehni / William Brown / Yimmy Yayo

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